Customization of crepe paper: product flexibility

Customization of crepe paper: product flexibility

Personalizzazione della carta crespata

For Cartiera San Giorgio, customizing crepe paper, whether in parent rolls, tissue and single-ply products, represents more than just an added value – it is the ultimate goal of our production activity. Our primary objective is to respond as effectively as possible to the needs of our customers.

Offering a unique and tailor-made product means thoroughly understanding the specific requirements of each project: dimensions, grammages, types of cellulose fibers, solubility, absorption time, color variations, and custom packaging.

We examine every detail with the customer to continuously improve the product and fully meet their needs in terms of performance, reliability, and costs. Our constant pursuit of excellence is expressed in the ability to personalize crepe paper rolls and towels in every aspect, thanks to technological innovation and the expertise gained in over 40 years of activity. In this article, we will explore the practical aspects of crepe paper customization.

How paper customization works

The customization process of our crepe paper comes to life from the specific needs and requests of each customer. It evolves through all stages of our production, from parent rolls to single-ply and tissue products, where every parameter can be adjusted to achieve the desired product.

Grammage is the first aspect to customize: we offer a wide range from 30 to 70 g/m2 and beyond, adapting to the diverse needs of finished products. Color is also variable: a range of shades including white, natural, eco, blue, and green, depending on customer preferences and style.

We proceed with the composition of the mixture, a central point in our production process. We can create blends of different fibers and raw materials to provide special treatments for the paper. Finally, we define delivery times and methods with the customer. For us, flexibility and punctuality are fundamental values. We are ready to develop personalized deliveries that adapt to every logistical and production need of the customer.

Every small detail of the process is carefully attended to because each customer is unique. The customization of our crepe paper begins with listening to specific requests, progressing step by step through production, shaping an exclusive product that fully satisfies the customer.

If you want to learn more about how we can customize our crepe paper for your needs, contact our team of experts. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Why choose a partner specialized in crepe paper customization

Choosing a paper mill that offers high customization of crepe paper in parent rolls or AFH (Away From Home) single-ply and tissue products specifically for your needs has many benefits:

  • Quality Excellence: a product designed based on your precise requirements is the result of a targeted selection of fibers, production technologies, and processing parameters to achieve the best possible performance. You will have a superior-quality product capable of excelling in performance.
  • Partnership Value: the ability to create a tailored product, listening to your requests and caring for every detail, creates a unique trust relationship. Your supplier of parent rolls and AFH tissue or single-ply products becomes more than just a provider but a partner in your production.
  • Flexibility and Promptness: a customized production process allows you to make changes and improvements quickly, flexibly meeting new needs that arise over time.
  • Waste Reduction: a precisely tailored item minimizes material waste.

Cartiera San Giorgio: your tailored crepe paper

Cartiera San Giorgio is a leader in the production of parent rolls and customized single-ply and tissue products for the Away From Home market. With over 40 years of experience, cutting-edge technologies, and specialized know-how, we offer a tailor-made customization service that goes beyond our customers’ expectations, from production to packaging, with a private label model.

Our goal is to develop innovative solutions, precisely responding to the needs of each customer and project. We passionately and professionally produce and transform custom crepe paper, guiding the customer step by step through the process. Thanks to our technical know-how and deployed resources, we can refine every aspect of the product: from grammage to the mixture, from color to packaging and supplies. The end result is an exclusive and superior-quality crepe paper product, created through a sustainable process that respects the environment.

If you are looking for crepe paper tailored to meet your specific needs, contact us. Our team will be happy to design the perfect parent roll based on your requests and instructions, ensuring the maximum for your production.


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