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Production of jumbo rolls for towels

Since 1974 Cartiera San Giorgio has specialized in the production of paper rolls for towel use. The mother rolls of creped paper or jumbo rolls are semi-finished products with a maximum height of 2.48 m trimmed (2.52 m untrimmed), and submultiples functional to the machine light in weights ranging from 30 to 45 g/m2, intended for transformation into sheets or towel rolls by customer paper converting companies. From the paper processing of creped paper mother rolls, single-ply products for AFH use are created which are characterized by high standards of resistance, absorbency and workability and are offered in multiple qualities, weights, colors and formats.

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Jumbo rolls of paper for hand towels

With our tissue products we work alongside distributors operating in the main Away From Home sectors. Here are some of the fields in which our customers will be able to distribute our products:
In healthcare facilities, our disposable towels make a decisive contribution to the prevention of infectious risk for both patients and staff, in line with the strictest regulations on the matter.
In the hospitality sector, products such as towels in rolls and sheets and toilet paper in sheets are essential to guarantee hygiene and cleanliness in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and restaurant rooms.
In the food industry, the products provide an irreplaceable support for the cleaning of the equipment and the safety of the production processes.
In the industrial sector, our products allow cleaning and maintenance of equipment according to the highest standards of quality and efficiency, and guarantee hygiene and cleanliness in common work environments.
In working environments such as offices and companies, our paper products represent an ideal solution for the hygiene, cleanliness and comfort of employees and visitors.
In schools, our products promote good hygiene practices and contribute significantly to the prevention of the spread of bacteria and viruses

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