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Customizable mother reels and AFH tissue products.

Partnership based on service and flexibility.

Cartiera San Giorgio is specialized in the production of mother reels and fully customizable finished AFH tissue products.

We are at the side of those who work in the crepe paper sector by supplying not only quality products that are resistant and capable of satisfying the needs of their customers. What makes the difference are the flexible solutions we offer, able to adapt to the needs of our partners.

We make our adaptability a central value, in every phase of production, from the semi-finished product to the parent reels and finished tissue products for private labels.

Customisation of tissue parent reels and finished products.

carta a impilata a strati colorati

We believe that the path of customization of parent reels and AFH tissue products allows us to make a difference not only for our customers, but also for the environment, minimizing waste and optimizing every resource and every step of the production process.

Thanks to bespoke machining and trimming, our mother rolls can be customized in height and diameter, ensuring a perfect fit to our customers’ machines. Furthermore, it is possible to choose from a wide variety of paper, select the weight (from 30 to 45 g/m2 and more) and the colour, in order to obtain a customized semi-finished product for the production of your finished tissue products.

The same level of customisation is also found in our finished tissue and single-ply products: all the rolls and towels made from Cartiera San Giorgio’s semi-finished paper products can be declined in different sizes, weights, colors up to the packaging for the private label sector.

Cartiera San Giorgio for private label.

Our approach based on care and flexibility allows us to offer the highest level of customisation in the private label model: finished AFH tissue and single-ply products can be customized and distributed under our own brand in large-scale distribution channels, guaranteed by our certifications.
carta tagliata, disposta a ventaglio, di vari colori
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