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Tissue Products for industrial use


We believe in paper.

For 40 years, Cartiera San Giorgio has specialized in the distribution of tissue products for industrial use and in the private label production of jumbo rolls and crepe paper parent reels.
With our parent rolls and our hand towels, we support companies and distributors in promoting a world with more hygiene, through integrated production that has been giving more strength to paper since 1974.

Thanks to continuous innovations and rigorous standards for the selection and processing of raw materials, today the tissue products for industrial use and the service of Cartiera San Giorgio are appreciated all over the world.

It all starts with the parent reels. For their production we choose only quality raw materials, coming from selected pulp and certified forests: in this way we can guarantee workability and resistance to our paper, without compromising the environment.

The wet creping process is one of a kind and makes the fiber even more resistant and consistent for the same weight.

We continue to produce only single-ply parent reels, and we are proud to be one of the few paper mills still specialized in this product.

Thanks to constant innovations, we produce over 65 tons of paper per day, in parent reels with heights, weights and colors that can be highly customized according to customer needs.

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Our semi-finished products are just the beginning. To offer more hygiene to the AFH and private label sectors, we have created an integrated production process with Cartindustria Ligure.

Our finished products are resistant, highly absorbent and environmentally friendly, but not only.

C-folded, V-folded, Z-folded, towel rolls: Cartiera San Giorgio products are appreciated not only for the quality of our paper, but also for the high degree of customization in terms of sizes, weights, colors and packaging.

The value of customization.

We make our flexibility a central value, and at every stage, from the semi-finished product to the finished product, we are committed to offering a high level of care, customization and service to our customers.

The soul of our work.

Being a family business means having a strong sense of responsibility towards our work and our customers.

What everyone who works at Cartiera San Giorgio has in common is a great passion and experience in the art of paper. Together we are committed to offering a complete service to our customers, capable of retaining them for quality, promptness in satisfying requests, high level of customization and speed in delivery.

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The numbers

A process that never stops.

cassa d'afflusso

Approximately 70 t of roll paper produced every day

Approximately 21,000 t of roll paper produced in one year

90% waste paper used for recycled paper reels

Operating 7 days a week

Round-the-clock processing

Integrated production

Discover Cartindustria Ligure

To give companies and distributors in the sector an ever wider and more flexible offer, we have created Cartindustria Ligure, our partner for the production of single and double-ply towels.
All the certifications of our products
Certificazione RINA ISO 9001
FSC Certification
PEFC Certification
Tissue Paper and Sustainability

Our commitment to the environment.

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