Paper and Sustainability

Tissue paper sustainability: our commitment to the environment.

Sustainability at theheart of production.

Tissue paper sustainability: respect for the environment has always been one of the cornerstones of our corporate mission. A philosophy that began with the principle of paper recycling and the reuse of resources generated by its own production processes and then matured over time. The corporate mission of Cartiera San Giorgio is to create a quality, resistant and easily workable paper, respecting the environment and people. This is why we invest in continuous innovations that allow us to make ever more intelligent use of resources and we adopt high quality standards in the selection of raw materials.
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From reclaimed recycled paper to Hygienic Hand Towels and Roll towel finished goods

In terms of the tissue paper production process and sustainability, choosing waste paper for more than 95% of our mother rolls allows us to protect the environment by avoiding the felling of thousands of trees. The pulp and tissue we source is from FSC accredited companies and can be considered “noble” because it comes from authorized suppliers in Italy and beyond, who select materials that comply with the categories of pulp and guarantee uniformity in the supply of the various types requested. We also use virgin fibers selected from leading suppliers for the production of cellulose, which offer material from FSC certified forests.

In addition to this, we invest to make the systems with which we work with each type of mother reel more efficient: we have replaced traditional motors with inverter motors, installed a highly efficient steam generator, and steam and process fume recovery systems and we are committed to doing even more, for the quality of our products and the future of the environment.

Sustainability and private labels

When the market required even higher environmental standards for the private label model, we were not caught unprepared. Respect for the environment is at the heart of our production, which is why we have obtained various certifications that attest to greater attention to natural resources and the environment both in the procurement of sources and in the life cycle of our finished products.
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