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Tissue paper production and eco sustainability


Tissue Products and environmental respect

Cartiera San Giorgio has always put the respect for the environment among the focal points of its mission and activities, a philosophy dating back to many years ago, precisely when the principle of recycle and reuse of paper came to be felt as imperative. The integration of recycling all the converting trims generated in the mill by its own production processes, is part of the process.

At present our paper mill produces more than 90% recycled paper using secondary raw materials selected on the national territory.

In recent years our company has made substantial investments to increase production capacity and product quality with a focus on energy saving and workplace security.

Cartiera San Giorgio implemented more efficient systems, replacing traditional motors by frequency converter motors, inserting steam and fumes recovering facilities into the process. The company is also engaged in the safety and health of workers by automating some phases of the production cycle and generally improving working conditions.